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Month: October 2018

Handy Haversack: Spooky Holiday Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! The Holidays can mean something different for each of us, but for me they mean one thing: cheap Tabletop Gaming Supplies! I’m going to highlight some scary deals you can pick up this year, and ask what your favorite halloween props are for Pathfinder Society!

Pumpkins and Gourds!
For obvious reasons, our favorite gourds all go on sale the day after halloween. They can make great props, and if you bring some markers your players can have a fun time “carving” their own pumpkins in character, especially in a halloween themed scenario like Reaping What We Sow. They also work great as atmospheric tools for creating that “harvest festival” feel. They can even make a fun interactive puzzle…or thematically cool treasure chest you can fill with item cards!… Read the rest

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Build of the Week: Hunting for Crits…Together!

Do you enjoy fishing for crits? Have you always wanted an excuse to use a panda mini? Or maybe you just enjoy the idea of effectively using teamwork feats in tandem with more attacks of opportunity than your GM can shake a stick at…

The “Crit-Fishing Hunter” is nothing new, but it’s a fun build that I’ve been experimenting with for a while. It can be a little too flashy for many players, but a new spell from Blood of the Ancients has the potential to make it work in tandem with the rest of the party, rather than making them feel like their role when you finally crit is merely watching as you and your panda blend an enemy into a fine red mist.… Read the rest

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Build of the Week: The Lion Blade

 Build of the Week: The Lion Blade

The Spy. The Assassin. Agent of the Crown.

Today i’m going to show off one of my favorite Prestige Classes, the Lion Blade. The first iteration of the class itself predates the Pathfinder RPG, published in the 3.5e book “Taldors, Echoes of Glory”. An apt title, given the class itself is an echo of a bygone relic: multiclass prestige classes. Oh, sure, we still have the Mystic Theurge and Eldritch Knight, but while every other base class in Pathfinder got all new features like School and Bloodline Powers, the prestige classes continued to only advance casting or base attack bonus.

The Lion Blade had similiar problems. As a rogue, it cut your base attack bonus and sneak attack progression to hard to be an effective striker, but gave mediocre bonuses to your skills.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Pathfinder Playtest Secret Rolls Chart

After spending a week trying to create a fun Naga Aspirant, I decided this week would be better spent releasing a new category of post: The Handy Haversack of Game Accessories!

In Pathfinder Playtest there is a new mechanic called “Secret Rolls”. With the advent of critical failures on skill checks, certain skills should now be rolled by the GM so the PCs aren’t sure whether or not they completely fumbled. This is especially true of the new Knowledge skills, which can give PCs false information if they roll a critical failure. But with everyone able to attempt these skills, investigative scenarios can quickly become bogged down as the GM sits behind the screen rolling dice for himself. But after running Raiders on Shrieking Peak multiple times at Gencon, I came up with a trick to help speed it up (without just letting the PCs roll themselves and ruin the chance for a false information critical miss).… Read the rest

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