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Month: November 2018

Build of the Week: Snakes & Foxes

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of mentioning any mechanics on this page to me in person, I should apologize right now for likely gushing about the character I have that uses this build. It was my first Pathfinder character, a sort of dedication to my then favorite hardcover book. I’ve posted the build elsewhere online, usually recieving the same criticisms you read on most Rogue/Monk multiclass builds: That the loss of base attack bonus and the inconsistency of sneak attack make the build inferior to your standard Thug-Enforcer. And maybe you have a point, but after playing this character and seeing the limited combat options available to a Thug-Enforcer, I would argue that this build is just far more… stylish.… Read the rest

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Need a Technomancer

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, there will be no blog post this week…but I am interested in seeing what section of the Martial Arts Handbook you want to see next. Go ahead and post here or hit me up on Discord; I’m currently vascilating between the new Shifter Archetype, Finishing Moves or the new Disarm goodies.

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Build of the Week: Oozemorph

By now you’ve probably been made aware of the quirky archetype from Ultimate Wilderness: The Oozemorph. The class doesn’t just let you turn into an ooze, it makes your base form an ooze! Well, kind of. And while it has so many backdraws with so few features that most people were quick to dismiss it, I’m here to make the case that Oozemorph is not a crappy base class: It’s a quirky and fun prestige class. Maybe by the end you too will succumb to the lure of the Gooclaw!

A̶r̶c̶h̶e̶t̶y̶p̶e̶ Prestige Class Analysis: Only 6 Levels

Prerequisites: The Oozemorph Prestige class is a peculiar one. It have no prerequisites and only four levels. You do have to give up the ability to use most magic items most of the day, but its flavor is such a homerun that it’s hard to complain.… Read the rest

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