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Month: January 2019

PFS Multitable Prep Guide

Multitable scenarios are a unique and thrilling experience. But unless you’ve done then, it can be hard to even imagine what it’s like to play alongside dozens or even hundreds other players. Sometime last year I found people thanking me for their advice when it comes to approaching these, both as players and gamemasters. And after a dozen or so experiences on both sides of the table, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons that can help turn a grindy slog into the most memorable experience of any convention.

Like Multitables, Solstice Car s are designed for speed & drifting!

What Are Multitables?

A multi-table scenario is one in which every table is working cooperatively toward the same goal. You still play at a table of 4-7 players with 1 GM, but whenever you complete a goal your GM will report the results to the Overseer or Head GM, who is tracking everyone’s progress.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: 7 Tips for Every PFS GM

1. Show up Before Anyone Else

Want to learn some Time Magic? Assume your players will all be an hour early, and have to start an hour early.

This should be obvious, and yet I feel the need to put it first for a reason! Especially when there are multiple tables, many players won’t start unpacking or choosing their character until they’ve confirmed their GM hasn’t bailed. If you have to use the bathroom or eat, check your table first to see if someone isn’t there. I always bring an extra sign-in sheet and leave it at the table with a pen so players know the game is going to happen!

2. Don’t Stress Player Rules

You do not need to know what your players are capable of to GM.… Read the rest

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