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Month: April 2019

Handy Haversack: Convention Binders

I was prepping for Paizocon and realized how many people give me these shocked looks when I show them my plans. I’m not here to bore you with the same tired list of ten or twenty things you gotta remember to bring to a convention. On the contrary, this will be a rather short post because there’s one critical thing I don’t see enough people do when it comes to maximizing your time and enjoyment at a con.

The backside is usually a list of games I play, or my Many Terrasques of Drendell Dreng meme.

Oragnize. Plan. Write it out. Print it. Put it in the front of that year’s “Convention Binder”. Make sure you can see the plan without a battery.… Read the rest

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Optionsmas is Neigh: Chasing the Setting Sun Edition

We are approaching the end of 1e’s print-run, and I realize I’m going to miss chasing new Additional Resources updates for a while. Oh, I understand 2e will have them too! I just don’t expect much from July until at least December in terms of new content…of course, analyzing everything we have going for us in 2e is going to be its own brand of exciting! Talking about exciting, Heroes of Golarion is one of the best Player Companions ever published, and gives us lots of new exciting character options I can’t wait to explore!

Adventure Paths: Tyrant’s Grasp*

• Pathfinder Adventure Path #139: The Dead Roads: The character options in this book are legal for play except the blasphemous chalice.… Read the rest

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