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Month: March 2021

2020 in Review

Can a blog post be too self-indulgent? Hell no. If I wanted to write about Pathfinder, I’d save it for a Know Direction post. If I wanted to talk about someone else’s work, I’d be on Facebook or Discord promoting it. I’m hoping to restart this blog with thoughts about design that aren’t quite a fit for my Know Direction posts, with some product placement. But today? Well, today I want to look back at what I’ve accomplished in 2020, The Year The Earth Stood Still. Who knows: Maybe this will become an annual tradition.

In addition to what’s listed here, there have also been a number of live plays, Know Direction and Geek Together shows, conventions where I ran “author tables”, technical support for Paizocon, and surviving what has ultimately been a loaded and stressful year for everyone on the planet.… Read the rest

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