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Aid Another: GASPing for Air

Aid Another: GASPing for Air

How to avoid being Aqua

Everyone has been in a situation wherein they are still in combat but are feeling hopeless. Maybe the enemies are immune. Maybe you can’t reach or see them. But assuming you have actions, there are oftentimes options other than Delaying until the end of the round or Full-Round Defense!

Just remember GASP: Gear, Aid, Skills and Prepare.

>GEAR: Remember your items, especially consumables you and your team have looted! Consumable loot is meant to be consumed. Preparing to use gear is critical. Even if its just pulling out a weapon so you provoke or a smoke-pellet in case the battle turns and you gotta tactically retreat.

>AID your allies. Aid Another can be used for attack rolls or to boost AC. Flanking will help more than just rogues. Guidance is arguably more helpful than Acid Splash. Think outside the box, even if that means using a Strength Check to move a box closer to an enemy so the agile fighter can jump atop it and get a high-ground bonus.

>SKILLS should not be overlooked. Knowledge checks are free and should always be attempted. Same with Spellcraft checks when an enemy casts. Intimidate is a fine debuff. Perception can find additional hidden enemies. Stealth can set up a flat-footed attack or Sleight of Hand. Sense Motive can help you predict your opponent’s morale or readied actions. Disabling, Rigging, Opening and Closing doors can be critical for tactical retreating or preventing enemies from running for help. Detect Magic during combat is not a waste. And some enemies may even allow you to try to persuade them to back off, but it is rare.

>PREPARE to do something when or if you are able to help. If you can’t see an enemy, you can even ready an action to move toward them once you can. Even readying a subpar ranged attack against a spellcaster can save the party. And readying an attack for when an enemy is within range is always useful.

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