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Announcement: Fox’s Cunning

Announcement: Fox’s Cunning

As of today I’m officially a staff blogger at the Know Direction Network! Look out for my segment Fox’s Cunning, where I’ll be posting about all the best of Second Edition. For more information, please see the appropriate News Post.

What does that mean for Kitsune Mori?

Well, I’ll still post my random musings and rants here when they come up. Random builds too. Any and all 1e material will still be posted here. And I’ll be linking to each of my Know Direction articles. I’m also going to spend more time linking to some neat content as I find it across the intertubes. For now, I’ll leave you with this incredible student project I found. Looks like a pretty cool setting for Pathfinder, wouldn’t it? Maybe there’s a FIrst World cross-over with Minkai near the Forest of Spirits?

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