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Handy Haversack: 7 Tips for Every PFS GM

1. Show up Before Anyone Else

Want to learn some Time Magic? Assume your players will all be an hour early, and have to start an hour early.

This should be obvious, and yet I feel the need to put it first for a reason! Especially when there are multiple tables, many players won’t start unpacking or choosing their character until they’ve confirmed their GM hasn’t bailed. If you have to use the bathroom or eat, check your table first to see if someone isn’t there. I always bring an extra sign-in sheet and leave it at the table with a pen so players know the game is going to happen!

2. Don’t Stress Player Rules

You do not need to know what your players are capable of to GM.… Read the rest

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Optionsmas is Neigh: Cast Haste on the Webteam Edition!

Can you believe we get two AR updates in two weeks? Those handsome folks in the Additional Resources team clearly deserve a round of applause. In all seriousness, everyone should take the opportunity to thank our Organized Play Coordinator(s) and/or the Paizo web team for all these new toys we get to unwrap early. So let’s take a minute to shake the boxes under the trees and ready our adamantine scissors incase the boxes fight back…and take a minute to moan the loss of one particularly hyped archetype.

Adventure Paths:

    • The scant material in the first five books of Return of the Runelords are all legal now. There is a Familiar, some Ashava information, an Oozeclot unguent and an item called the Shadow Stylus.
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Optionsmas is Neigh: Fluffy Tail Edition

First and foremost I want to thank our Paizo Overlords for such a timely release! There are lots of cool books this time around, and I’m here to help you sort out the most interesting and flavorful options for your next character. And whether your making Edward Eldric from Full-Metal Alchemist, a Kitsune Rogue who steals with her tails, or a Magus who hoverboards with their Floating Disk, these books have something for you! So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Adventure Paths:

    • City in the Lion’s Eye: The bardic pretender and sneak training talents are legal for play.
    • Reaper’s Right Hand: Equipment: The band of triumph and seeking lens are legal for play. Spells: The halfling vengeance, mass halfling vengeance, and word of beckoning spells are legal for play but are accessible only to worshippers of Thamir Gixx.
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Aid Another: GASPing for Air

Everyone has been in a situation wherein they are still in combat but are feeling hopeless. Maybe the enemies are immune. Maybe you can’t reach or see them. But assuming you have actions, there are oftentimes options other than Delaying until the end of the round or Full-Round Defense!

Just remember GASP: Gear, Aid, Skills and Prepare.

>GEAR: Remember your items, especially consumables you and your team have looted! Consumable loot is meant to be consumed. Preparing to use gear is critical. Even if its just pulling out a weapon so you provoke or a smoke-pellet in case the battle turns and you gotta tactically retreat.

>AID your allies. Aid Another can be used for attack rolls or to boost AC.… Read the rest

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Build of the Week: Snakes & Foxes

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of mentioning any mechanics on this page to me in person, I should apologize right now for likely gushing about the character I have that uses this build. It was my first Pathfinder character, a sort of dedication to my then favorite hardcover book. I’ve posted the build elsewhere online, usually recieving the same criticisms you read on most Rogue/Monk multiclass builds: That the loss of base attack bonus and the inconsistency of sneak attack make the build inferior to your standard Thug-Enforcer. And maybe you have a point, but after playing this character and seeing the limited combat options available to a Thug-Enforcer, I would argue that this build is just far more… stylish.… Read the rest

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Need a Technomancer

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, there will be no blog post this week…but I am interested in seeing what section of the Martial Arts Handbook you want to see next. Go ahead and post here or hit me up on Discord; I’m currently vascilating between the new Shifter Archetype, Finishing Moves or the new Disarm goodies.

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Build of the Week: Oozemorph

By now you’ve probably been made aware of the quirky archetype from Ultimate Wilderness: The Oozemorph. The class doesn’t just let you turn into an ooze, it makes your base form an ooze! Well, kind of. And while it has so many backdraws with so few features that most people were quick to dismiss it, I’m here to make the case that Oozemorph is not a crappy base class: It’s a quirky and fun prestige class. Maybe by the end you too will succumb to the lure of the Gooclaw!

A̶r̶c̶h̶e̶t̶y̶p̶e̶ Prestige Class Analysis: Only 6 Levels

Prerequisites: The Oozemorph Prestige class is a peculiar one. It have no prerequisites and only four levels. You do have to give up the ability to use most magic items most of the day, but its flavor is such a homerun that it’s hard to complain.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Spooky Holiday Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! The Holidays can mean something different for each of us, but for me they mean one thing: cheap Tabletop Gaming Supplies! I’m going to highlight some scary deals you can pick up this year, and ask what your favorite halloween props are for Pathfinder Society!

Pumpkins and Gourds!
For obvious reasons, our favorite gourds all go on sale the day after halloween. They can make great props, and if you bring some markers your players can have a fun time “carving” their own pumpkins in character, especially in a halloween themed scenario like Reaping What We Sow. They also work great as atmospheric tools for creating that “harvest festival” feel. They can even make a fun interactive puzzle…or thematically cool treasure chest you can fill with item cards!… Read the rest

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Build of the Week: Hunting for Crits…Together!

Do you enjoy fishing for crits? Have you always wanted an excuse to use a panda mini? Or maybe you just enjoy the idea of effectively using teamwork feats in tandem with more attacks of opportunity than your GM can shake a stick at…

The “Crit-Fishing Hunter” is nothing new, but it’s a fun build that I’ve been experimenting with for a while. It can be a little too flashy for many players, but a new spell from Blood of the Ancients has the potential to make it work in tandem with the rest of the party, rather than making them feel like their role when you finally crit is merely watching as you and your panda blend an enemy into a fine red mist.… Read the rest

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