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Build of the Week: Oozemorph

Build of the Week: Oozemorph

By now you’ve probably been made aware of the quirky archetype from Ultimate Wilderness: The Oozemorph. The class doesn’t just let you turn into an ooze, it makes your base form an ooze! Well, kind of. And while it has so many backdraws with so few features that most people were quick to dismiss it, I’m here to make the case that Oozemorph is not a crappy base class: It’s a quirky and fun prestige class. Maybe by the end you too will succumb to the lure of the Gooclaw!

Learn to Love the Ooze
Learn to Love the Ooze

A̶r̶c̶h̶e̶t̶y̶p̶e̶ Prestige Class Analysis: Only 6 Levels

Prerequisites: The Oozemorph Prestige class is a peculiar one. It have no prerequisites and only four levels. You do have to give up the ability to use most magic items most of the day, but its flavor is such a homerun that it’s hard to complain.

Class Details: 4+ Skill Points on a Full Base Attack Bonus d10 HD chasis isn’t bad, and you get high Fort and Reflex saves!

Compression: This ability on a PC is actually pretty bonkers. Being able to squeeze down to an inch in width will get you into all kinds of trouble, and let you sit safely in your Masterwork Bucket of +2 to Perform (Harmless Puddle).

Fluidic Body: You are an ooze. Immune to crits and precision damage. Once per day at level 1-2 and twice per day at level 3 and 4, you can transform into a humanoid to get +2 to Dex or +2 to Str, in addition to movement speeds, vision qualities and natural weapons of that humanoid. It’ll only last an hour per level, but this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Morphic Weaponry: Your bread and butter, letting you do two attacks at full base attack bonus earlier than anyone else in the party. At level six you will get a third attack, but many oozemorphs will stop at level 2 or 4, and that’s okay!

Track: So this is a thing.

Ooze Empathy: This is an underrated ability, as many oozes are more powerful than animals, with weird special abilities that encounters don’t assume the average party has access too.

Damage Reduction: Yeah, the fact its only over slashing kind of sucks, but that’s a DR 4 that’ll scale pretty dang fast. You won’t be invincible, but you it’ll take quite a bit (of the right type of weapon) to take you out.

Clinging Ooze: Climb Speed 10 is no joke. Being able to access climb all day long at level 4 is absurdly good, both for hitting enemies who are normally out of range, and accessing strategies both in and out of combat that are normally unavailable at low levels.

Trackless Step: Yeah, if you are taking the Oozemoprh to level 6, you get this at level 5. There is no reason to go to level 5 just for this, though.

Oh no! I just levelled and now I'm an ooze!
Oh no! I just levelled and now I’m an ooze!

Build Options: Oozedapting

Magic Items: So as you may or may not know, the worst part of the Oozemorph is your inability to use slotted magic items while you are an ooze. While you get sixteen hours of humanoid a day once you hit level 4, many adventurers are still nervous about having to go without gear. Fortunately, there are plenty of really fun slotless items you can still use as an oozemorph, including Ioun Stones. Transforming as an oozemorph also lets you automatically equip all your items instantly, including donning your armor…not that there are that many cases where you aren’t allowed in a place with armor and weapons, but you’d be allowed as an ooze… Of course, compressing yourself into a large jug or bottle is always an option.

Shapeshifters: One of the first thing players noticed with the Oozemorph was how you can bypass your ooze defects by simply being a shapeshifter. Enter the Kitsune (or Skinwalker/Tengu/Vanara). Being able to shift into a humanoid form without burning your limited class shifting is invaluable for when you need to do things out of combat like…pull a lever, or talk. You know, inferior non-ooze things. But note the FAQ: Most of your ooze-stuff won’t work even if you get a feat and use fox-form; you gotta use the class shifting to retain your powers, including compression and morphic weaponry.

Talking: Some GMs will let you speak with a Gold Nodule Ioun Stone.  For everyone else, the trait Expression Pantomime will let you wiggle your way into the hearts of your potential enemies. Or at least inform them that you aren’t a mindless eating machine.

Improved Unarmed Strike: Once you start get iterative attacks, you’ll probably want to pick up this feat. Most Oozemorphs will just want to dip into Brawler, probably Snakebite Striker if you are a rogue. If you have the Wisdom or Charisma for it, Unchained Monk will provide you with a much needed AC boost.

If you can see the ooze, you're already dead.
If you can see the ooze, you’re already dead.

Detailed Build: Get it Off! Get it Off!

I’ve been playing this character for the past year, and it’s been a blast. While I haven’t always been the flashiest PC in the party, it’s hard to forget the rogue in the bucket who keeps latching onto enemy’s faces…

  • Race: Kitsune (Keen Kitsune, Skilled)
  • Class: Oozemorph Shifter 4/Unchained Rogue Vexing Dodger 6/Swashbuckler Mouser 1
  • 20 Point Buy: Str 7, Dex 17 (+1), Con 15 (+1), Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 13
  • Feats: Dirty Fighting (1), Weapon Finesse (2), Agile Maneuvers (3), Improved Dirty Trick (Talent 3), Fox Shape (5), Greater Dirty Trick (7), Kitsune Style (Talent 7), Sap Adept (9), Sap Master (11), Kitsune Tricks (Talent 11)
  • Traits: Expressive Pantomime, Prankster (Adopted)

I love the idea of being an ooze that just clings to one enemy and starts stacking on the debuffs. Dirty Tricks, Debilitating Injury and all the standard shenanigans that you get from Dodger and Mouser will make you an absoultely terrifying monster…against one enemy at a time. The natural climb speed of the Oozemorph applies in any form, even Fox Form, which synergizes well with Vexing Dodger. You’ll have lots of skills, a higher BAB than most rogues, and can even access Sap Master for enough damage that you aren’t going to be lagging behind the rest of the party. But best of all? You get to play an ooze.

6 thoughts on “Build of the Week: Oozemorph

  • I’ve been looking around for hours, becoming successively more disheartened at try to make the class work, but treating it like a short prestige class is wonderful so thank you =)

  • Tetori Oozemorph. The lack of magic/armor means little when you can grab people without having to even take a solid form. And the horrors of a grappling ooze just set in when you ask the DM, “so how do I eat again?” and start digesting your enemies.

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