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Cards for Everybody: Core Cleric Deck

Cards for Everybody: Core Cleric Deck

I’m so excited to finally unveil the next in my line of Feat Cards! The Cards for Everybody line is near and dear to my heart, using cards to help sculpt the builds you might have read right here! There are so many fun uses for this product, and I’d love to add more to the list to make the most out of my cards.

You can read more about the product and even order your own deck on Drive Thru RPG. The cards themselves contain every fighter class feat, feature and multiclass feat, plus two bonus tracker cards. There will be new classes released soon, and the more we sell the more likely we are to continue the line through the Core Rulebook and beyond!

1. Reduce Bulk: Sometimes you don’t want to carry around an entire Core Rulebook. And sometimes the only Core Rulebook at the table is being used by another player, or open to another set of rules.
2. Easy Explanations: Just pass the card to your GM. No more madly flipping through the book or waiting for Archives of Nethys to load on your phone.
3. Easy Levelling: You can carry your cards in the order in which you plan on taking your feats, or use 9-pocket card pages to plan out your feat progression.
4. Organized Building: Laying out your features and feats can help you sort your prerequisites and plan out your options from level 1 to 20.
5. Plan Rounds: Figure out which 3-actions your going to take and flip the cards over when you take them. You can even pre-roll and set each die on each card to designate which rolls are for which abilities.
6. Save Calculations: Clear sleeves let’s you mark your cards, saving information like your attack bonus when using a specific feat.
7. Track Resources: The additional filler cards can be used to track focus spells, hero points, wounds and hit points.
8. Teaching Aids: Many new players find it easier to understand abilities with visual aids, especially when playing pregenerated characters.
9. Visual Parsing: It’s faster to remind yourself of your options looking over cards rather than reading a long list of abilities, especially at higher levels or using a character you haven’t played for a while.
10. Monster Enhancement: You can add class features to your favorite monster and you don’t even need scratch paper. Just slip the card into your bestiary and it doubles as a bookmark!
11. Alternative Play: The cards make it easy to pass out feats in one-shot games like Mark Seitfer’s FIGHTER SQUAD! or even draft them in a draft format for a quick arena-style game!

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