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Category: Handy Haversack

Handy Haversack: Fighter Feat Cards for Everybody

I’m so excited to finally unveil my latest product! The Cards for Everybody line is near and dear to my heart, using cards to help sculpt the builds you might have read right here! There are so many fun uses for this product, and I’d love to add more to the list to make the most out of my cards.

You can read more about the product and even order your own deck on Drive Thru RPG. The cards themselves contain every fighter class feat, feature and multiclass feat, plus two bonus tracker cards. There will be new classes released soon, and the more we sell the more likely we are to continue the line through the Core Rulebook and beyond!… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Lost Omens World Guide Archetypes

The Lost Omens World Guide is here! The book is a must-buy for anyone campaigning in the core campaign setting, and the map that comes with it is a handsome addition to any gaming den or shop looking to help give players a frame of reference for their adventures. But the most exciting mechanical part of the book by far are the ten archetypes!

Each archetype in the book is viable for almost any class in core! One of the archetypes does require shield block, another expert training in unarmed attacks, and a third requires focus spells. But even if you’re playing a class that never gets focus spells, you can always find a second dedication that does to help qualify!… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: The Importance of Loose Ends (For PCs & GMs)

Loose ends give agency to players and the GM, without sacrificing satisfaction!

The more I invest in Third Party Pathfinder, the most I’ve been itching to run a homebrew campaign. And yet after a few years of Society Play, I’m beginning to see how many of my GM skills have helped me play more fulfilling characters. And the more time I’m spending analyzing my past successes and failures, the more I’m learning to appreciate all the loose-ends I was so afraid of earlier in my career. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A loose end is defined as: “a story-element that hasn’t been fully explained”. Now for the sake of future article material I’m going to append this definition with: “…but could be“.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Convention Binders

I was prepping for Paizocon and realized how many people give me these shocked looks when I show them my plans. I’m not here to bore you with the same tired list of ten or twenty things you gotta remember to bring to a convention. On the contrary, this will be a rather short post because there’s one critical thing I don’t see enough people do when it comes to maximizing your time and enjoyment at a con.

The backside is usually a list of games I play, or my Many Terrasques of Drendell Dreng meme.

Oragnize. Plan. Write it out. Print it. Put it in the front of that year’s “Convention Binder”. Make sure you can see the plan without a battery.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Identifying Player Profiles

I love Gamer Lingo. Recently Ryan Costello wrote a fascinating article discussing the difference between the three primary psychographic profiles of Magic: The Gathering players, and how it applies to Pathfinder. His article is great, but it left me thinking about how we can use these profiles in our games. Specifically, how does one identify each type of player and use that profile to mitigate potential negative play experience.

First you have to remember these player profiles are research & development tools. In the real world, no player fits only one of these profiles. And yet, there are definitely game elements that are intended to appeal to one of these players. When a problem arises in one of your games, it’s important to know what player profile drew that player to that element.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: 7 Tips for Every PFS GM

1. Show up Before Anyone Else

Want to learn some Time Magic? Assume your players will all be an hour early, and have to start an hour early.

This should be obvious, and yet I feel the need to put it first for a reason! Especially when there are multiple tables, many players won’t start unpacking or choosing their character until they’ve confirmed their GM hasn’t bailed. If you have to use the bathroom or eat, check your table first to see if someone isn’t there. I always bring an extra sign-in sheet and leave it at the table with a pen so players know the game is going to happen!

2. Don’t Stress Player Rules

You do not need to know what your players are capable of to GM.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Spooky Holiday Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! The Holidays can mean something different for each of us, but for me they mean one thing: cheap Tabletop Gaming Supplies! I’m going to highlight some scary deals you can pick up this year, and ask what your favorite halloween props are for Pathfinder Society!

Pumpkins and Gourds!
For obvious reasons, our favorite gourds all go on sale the day after halloween. They can make great props, and if you bring some markers your players can have a fun time “carving” their own pumpkins in character, especially in a halloween themed scenario like Reaping What We Sow. They also work great as atmospheric tools for creating that “harvest festival” feel. They can even make a fun interactive puzzle…or thematically cool treasure chest you can fill with item cards!… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Pathfinder Playtest Secret Rolls Chart

After spending a week trying to create a fun Naga Aspirant, I decided this week would be better spent releasing a new category of post: The Handy Haversack of Game Accessories!

In Pathfinder Playtest there is a new mechanic called “Secret Rolls”. With the advent of critical failures on skill checks, certain skills should now be rolled by the GM so the PCs aren’t sure whether or not they completely fumbled. This is especially true of the new Knowledge skills, which can give PCs false information if they roll a critical failure. But with everyone able to attempt these skills, investigative scenarios can quickly become bogged down as the GM sits behind the screen rolling dice for himself. But after running Raiders on Shrieking Peak multiple times at Gencon, I came up with a trick to help speed it up (without just letting the PCs roll themselves and ruin the chance for a false information critical miss).… Read the rest

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