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New Horizons: Lost Omens Character Guide

New Horizons: Lost Omens Character Guide

I’m so happy to be in on the ground floor of Second Edition. I’ll admit, it was cool finding overlooked feats from old books back in First Edition, given I was stuck with 3.5 until 2013. But being able to watch and even document a system’s evolution is a blessing as both a Gamemaster and Designer. Last week I got a hold of Lost Omens Character Guide! But in lieu of a traditional review, I’ve decided to instead look at everything the book gives us as “sanctioned” tools for third party developers and designers.

Now this is not necessarily an all-inclusive list of innovations, given every new rules option in a book is theoretically a “first”. I’m sure there are things you feel should be included that didn’t excite me, not to mention things I could have just missed. So please, feel free to discuss what you felt should be added, or if there’s anything here that isn’t as special as I thought it was.

New GM Tools:

Organizations: Completely new mechanic. Codifies a template for organizations.

Organization Templates: Completely new mechanic. Codifies customizing monsters with scaling abilities. Sadly one of the least talked about but one of the most impactful new mechanics in the book.


Elemental Heart Dwarf/Frilled Lizardfolk: These heritages are the first to give us abilities that require actions to use (although there is a pre-existing Reaction).

Ancient Elf: While similar to Multitalented, this is the first time we’ve seen a Heritage that gives us access to a multiclass dedication feat. It’s also the first time we’ve seen a multiclass dedication feat accessible at level 1, and has already been called out elsewhere online as a game changer.

Wandering Heart: The first time you can change your Heritage during a game.

Inventive Offensive: The first time you can add Weapon Traits to a manufactured weapon from a list of weapons (Only prior feats involve Unarmed Strikes or Reach).

Elective Obsession: The first time you can become temporarily trained in a skill. Oops. Ancestral Longevity. Thank you, River (she/her).

Chosen of Lamashtu: The first Ancestry feat to give you an additional Heritage.

Leaf Leshy: The first heritage that completely negates falling damage in every circumstance. Thank you Descriptivist.

Grasping Reach: The first time an Ancestry feat gives us a Weapon Trait.

Seedpod/Scalding Spit: PC Ranged unarmed attack. Potential for lots of shenanigans with Monk feats. This could be done before with Wild Winds Stance, but it took a Focus Point. Thank you Descriptivist.


Backup Disguise/Sow Rumor: Both of these give us some quick and dirty mechanics for two very common fantasy tropes. I feel like these feats will show up again in future archetypes.

Entourage: The first feat even remotely resembling Leadership. Very balanced. I’m sure we will see it referenced at some point in the future.

Firebrand Archetype: “In a context the GM deems both suitably challenging and meaningful…A meaningful context is one where the action’s success or failure is relevant to the pursuit of your goals.” This type of rider has been important in past editions and I’m sure we will see it more in the future.

Daredevil’s Gambit: The first time a medium-sized PC can occupy the same space as a medium-sized enemy combatant.

Bravo’s Determination: Aha! The elusive “Attack DC” finally rear’s its swashbuckly head!

Universal Hellknight Feats: There are feats here that count as feats for multiple dedications, including the Hellknight Armiger from Lost Omens World Guide.

Hellknight Armiger Requirements: A Hellknight Armiger can take either Hellknight archetype even if it doesn’t have three Hellknight Armiger feats.

Devil Allies: You can cast the innate spell “of a tradition of your choice”, which isn’t locked when you take the feat.

Silence Heresy: This gives us a mechanical rule for having damaged but still operational vocal chords.

Multiclass Feats: The feats in the Knights of Lastwall section can be taken by Fighters or Champions, losing the trait that doesn’t apply to your class.

Invoke the Crimson Oath: The first time you can convert an attack made with a manufactured melee weapon into an area of effect (or ray, with another feat). (Thank you Scrip)

Armored Skirt: These were a pretty big deal in First Edition and continue to be a pretty low cost way to increase your armor class. It’s the first mundane armor enhancement in the system.

Knights of Lastwall Requirements: Like the Hellkngihts, you can select these dedications as a Lastwall Sentry even if you don’t have your three Dedication feats from your old Archetype. Unlike the Hellknight, feats you gain from the two new Archetypes do count toward satisfying your old Archetypes Dedication special requirement.

Reaper of Repose: The first time an ability increases the weakness of a creature (without giving it a weakness).

New Familiar Ability: Mask Familiars from the Magaambyan Attendant have access to a new Familiar Ability (but do not have to take it).

Cascade Bearer’s Flexibility: This let’s you use any Metamagic feat from the Druid or Wizard class, making it more potent as more content is released.

Pathfinder Agent Dedication: Functions as both the Hellkngiht and Lastwall Knights, letting it take the three new Dedications in this book without fulfilling its special dedication, having new feats that help fulfill its special dedication and feats from those three new archetypes help fulfill its special dedication.

New Traits:

Hellknight: The trait only appears on Hellknight Order Cross Training, and no other Hellknight feats.

Organization: “Other Traits”:Academic, Militaristic, Revolutionary, and Wayfaring

Organization: Size: Large and Huge

Race: Leshy, Lizardfolk and Hobgoblin

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