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Optionsmas is Neigh: Cast Haste on the Webteam Edition!

Optionsmas is Neigh: Cast Haste on the Webteam Edition!

Can you believe we get two AR updates in two weeks? Those handsome folks in the Additional Resources team clearly deserve a round of applause. In all seriousness, everyone should take the opportunity to thank our Organized Play Coordinator(s) and/or the Paizo web team for all these new toys we get to unwrap early. So let’s take a minute to shake the boxes under the trees and ready our adamantine scissors incase the boxes fight back…and take a minute to moan the loss of one particularly hyped archetype.

Adventure Paths:

    • The scant material in the first five books of Return of the Runelords are all legal now. There is a Familiar, some Ashava information, an Oozeclot unguent and an item called the Shadow Stylus. I will be honest here, I don’t have the material for these books and they aren’t in the Archives yet, so I’ll have to wait until then to do a mini-review with the next AR update.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting:

  • Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Construct Handbook: Archetypes: The archetypes in the book are legal for play. The clocksmith gains Spell Focus as a bonus feat in place of the Craft Construct ability. Equipment: The equipment and magic items in this book are legal for play except automaton core, golem manuals, and suppression gem. Familiar: The familiar automaton is legal for play. Misc.: The construct modifications and construct crafting are not legal for play.Special Shoutout: The Construct Caller Summoner Archetype finally gives players an opportunity to control a construct without completely destroying the party’s effective character level with the laughably abusive Craft Construct feat. I imagine many of these players are going to flavor themselves as tinkerers who built their robot buddies and ignore the whole Axiom thing, and I can’t  wait to fight alongside a card carrying member of the Golem Works!Most Hype:  The Investigator archetype Engineer is really cool! It let’s you create a little clockwork mechanicism you can give-out that let’s other party members use your inspiration. It can really help those players who want to play an investigator, but don’t like completely hogging the spotlight when it comes to skills. Plus, in a balanced party, you should have a few skills in a challenge that other classes can do better…had they a little gadget or two!

    Most Eyebrow Raising: The Construct Collector Occultist is going to cause a headache the first time it encounters a construct at the beginning of a dungeon. Sure, your party may have been able to topple that animated statue guarding the outside of that tomb, but you know what probably can’t take it out as easily? Most things inside the tomb. In many cases it can effectively double your party’s combat effectiveness! Usually these niche “favored enemy” archetypes only make one encounter a breeze, not every encounter afterward.

Most Useful: Machinebane Oil is kind of boring, but super useful and affordable compared to the other anti-Construct gear in this book. A fine use of 2 PP for characters who have nothing they can do against those big magic immune dorks!

Flaming Lemon Award: The Churro-Chemist is a less interesting and weaker copy of a pre-existing archetype. The Clocksmith is pretty bad without Craft Construct. And while I was excited to see a Shifter archetype, the Wild Effigy just doesn’t do it for me. I think the problem is this book was really designed for NPCs, and GMs already have access to a plethora of construct options.

Dodged a Bullet: Anything that let’s you craft your own constructs should never be in the hands of players. I’m glad Suppression Gem was banned too, especially since most of the owners of constructs we meet in Society are long dead.


  • Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Faiths of Golarion: Feats: The feat in this book is legal for play. Gods: The deities in this book are legal for play. Obediences: The obediences in this book are legal for play. Gruhastha’s second exalted boon grants the constant benefits of comprehend languages instead of the listed benefit. A PC who has the fortune’s favored trait or similar character option that increases the luck bonus granted by effects may replace those character options at no cost upon gaining either the fortunate spells or fortune’s child boon of Chaldira Zuzaristan. Misc.: The variant spellcasting options and paladin codes in this book are legal for play.Most Hype:  Hei Feng having a kitsune herald! Many people are excited about Grandmother Spider, and her boons are worth getting excited overL The second Exalted Boon applies Extend Spell on any of your Figment spells, even if you don’t have the Extend Spell feat!

Most Useful: Chaldira’s Divine Obedience is really good! It either gives you a +1 or +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls with a single weapon chosen each day (50% chance). The sentinel boon “Fortune’s Child” also increases all your luck bonuses by an extra +1, which is unbelievable wtih the right traits and class features!

Flaming Lemon Award: The Complete Lack of Daikitsu The book description making me think we were getting 10 new Prestige Classes.

Dodged a Bullet: Gruhastha’s second exalted boon would completely invalidate a number of scenarios. It also appaers that the not-yet-updated campaign clarifications are going to do something about Chaldira’s boon stacking with Fortune’s Favored, which will be a relief.

Pathfinder Player Companion

  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the Fringe: Alternate Racial Traits: The alternate racial traits in this book are legal for play except danger detection, evader, Mordant envoy, sahuagin song, stoic defender, thinblood resistance. Dwarves selecting iron citizen must also replace the hardy racial trait with the craftsman alternate racial traitARG. Archetypes: The archetypes in the book are legal for play except calamity caller, gunpowder bombardier, and warrior poet. A First World caller cannot apply the erratic time planar trait with the warp reality ability. Equipment: The equipment and magic items in this book are legal for play except the dwarven heavy pelletbow and dwarven light pelletbow. Feats: The feats in this book are legal for play except Blood Frenzy Assault, Blood Frenzy Strike, Blood Frenzy Style, Dawn’s Blessing, Greater Cloud Invocation, Pinch Time, Precipice Strike, Sense Allies, and Strength in Defeat. Spells: The spells in this book are legal for play. Traits: The traits in this book are legal for play except Observant Archer. Misc.: The bardic masterpieces, equipment tricks, hexes, phantom emotional focus, psychic discipline, ninja tricks, and order in this book are legal for play except hymn of sacred lands and wildsoul aria.Most Hype: Scattersling is insane! It’s an attack roll, so you can apply Sneak Attack dice and do a cone of d6s! And Debilitating Injurys! And since it’s a sling, you can use rubber pellets and even use Sap Master!

Most Unfulfilled Hype: Poet Warrior. Ok, so the archetyped is banned, but the Order of the Songbird Order is still legit! Samurai/Cavaliers can always use more skills, and buffing teammates is always a welcome addition to any party…especially when your a martial who can use the buffs just as effectively as the party’s Fighter!

Most Eyebrow Raising: Iron Within gives Dwarf characters a Ki Pool, even if they aren’t Monks or Ninja. This opens them up to using features normally only usable by characters who multiclass monk, such as Meditation Crystals and Teas of Transference to convert Channel Energies into Smite Evils… Thank you Campaign Clarifications

Most Useful: As we’ve seen with similiar racial traits, +1 to all saving throws is invaluable…We are going to see Moonkissed on a lot of elves!

Flaming Lemon Award: I thought Hammer Throw was going to be the next Sliding Axe Throw, not a strictly worse version that requires three feats…and doesn’t even work with Startoss Style!

Dodged a Bullet: Gunpowder Bombardier is pretty darned busted. 20 feet worth of stun on a class with sneak attack? Yikes. I’m also going to admit that Poet Warrior was pretty busted, with Spring Attack Vital Strikes and free 5-foot steps whenever anyone (including an ally) provokes an attack of opportunity…on a dex-Naginata wielder? Yeah, it was a bit much!


  • Plane Hoppers Handbook: Alternate Racial Traits: The alternative racial traits in this book are legal for play except eternal smith and uncanny aura. A ganzi may select any of the legal oddities in place of the quibble racial ability. A ganzi may also pay 2 Prestige Points between adventures to replace their oddity with another legal oddity. Archetypes: The archetypes and companion archetypes in the book are legal for play. Equipment: The equipment and magic items in this book are legal for play except planar carriage. Favored Class Bonuses: The favored class bonuses in this book are legal for play. Feats: The feats in this book are legal for play except Cosmic Gate, Dreamwalker, Ephemeral Tread, Improved Stellar Wanderer, Practiced Dreamer, Stellar Wanderer, and Waking Dream. When selecting an outsider for the Planar Mentor feat, you must choose an outsider whose alignment is within one step of your own. Replace the Scribe Scroll prerequisite of Scribe Spell Equation and Spell Praxis with “any feat that lists aphorite as a prerequisite.” When purchasing a scroll, an aphorite with the Scribe Spell Equation feat can have that scroll scribed into their crystalline dust, which reduces the scroll’s price to 50% the market price; the aphorite is still limited to a number of spells stored in this way as noted in the feat. A Duskwalker can only gain one origin feat. Spells: The spells in this book are legal for play. The aasimar and tiefling spells are available only to PCs of those respective races. Traits: The traits in this book are legal for play except well-provisioned adventuter. Misc.: The arcanist exploits, eidolon subtypes, and wild talents in this book are legal for play. To select a storykin eidolon, the player must possess a Harrow Deck or Deluxe Harrow Deck.Most Hype: The Origin Feats are really cool! They give Duskwalkers a way to prevent their demise, either rerolling, retributive striking, running away or dying to save an ally! Willing Death seems especially cool with Scarred Martyr!Most Eyebrow Raising: The Spell Components (under “Alchemical Regeatns”) in this book should really be components, and not focuses. Being able to reuse them makes them so good they are practically mandatory for any caster worth their ghost salt.

    Most Useful: The elemental genie-kin races now have alternate ability score bonuses!

Most Stylish: Cerberus Style gives you a PFS legal way to Vital Strike more than once per round (albeit at level 13)! Dimensional Anchoring enemies is also pretty funny.

Flaming Lemon Award: Feats like Lady Luck’s Guidance just don’t work outside of certain APs. They’ll either drag the PCs into “beyond the scope of this adventure”, or be worthless as the GM adjusts the time everything goes down.

Dodged a Bullet: Honestly, this book is ridiculously balanced…Uncanny Aura would have been a ridiculous quirk, making enemies all frightened as a racial ability is pretty strong.

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