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Optionsmas is Neigh: Chasing the Setting Sun Edition

Optionsmas is Neigh: Chasing the Setting Sun Edition

We are approaching the end of 1e’s print-run, and I realize I’m going to miss chasing new Additional Resources updates for a while. Oh, I understand 2e will have them too! I just don’t expect much from July until at least December in terms of new content…of course, analyzing everything we have going for us in 2e is going to be its own brand of exciting! Talking about exciting, Heroes of Golarion is one of the best Player Companions ever published, and gives us lots of new exciting character options I can’t wait to explore!

Adventure Paths: Tyrant’s Grasp*

• Pathfinder Adventure Path #139: The Dead Roads: The character options in this book are legal for play except the blasphemous chalice. A shabti can take only one origin feat.
• Pathfinder Adventure Path #140: Eulogy for Roslar’s Coffer: Spells: The bloodstone mirror, litany of the red crusader, and unspoken name spells are legal for play but are accessible only to worshippers of Arazni. Misc.: The obedience, variant spellcasting options, and customized summon list for clerics of Arazni are legal for play.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of Golarion*

Alternate Racial Traits: The alternate racial traits in this book are legal for play. Archetypes: The archetypes in the book are legal for play. A speaker of the Palatine Eye can only worship one deity, though they may revere others, including Pharasma. Equipment: The equipment in this book is legal for play except the air repeater, air reservoir, and gray dust cartridge. Feats: The feats in this book are legal for play except Ioun Resonance, Infused Spell Cartridges, Lifecrafting, Piercing Chant, and Spell Cartridges. Misc.: The alchemist discoveries, animal companions, arcanist exploits, bloodlines, kineticist wild talents, legendary spirits, mesmerist tricks, oracle curse, phrenic amplifications, shaman spirit, shifter aspects, slayer talents, vigilante talents, and witch hexes in this book are legal for play except invoke consume primal magic, counterspell primal magic, primal magic, jaguar’s pounce, redirect primal magic, and resist primal magic. The mythic character options in this book are legal for those PCs who have mythic tiers.

The Good: Phoenix Sorcerer blooline let’s you heal targets with your fire spells, potentially making the sorcerer one of the most powerful healers in the party. The Peafowl may be the strongest shifter aspect yet. The minor form is fantastic, the major form gets a fly speed and the captivating dance is an encounter ender. The campaign clarifications keeps it clear of “the ugly”. The Demonlitionist let’s you play the kool-aid guy! Explosive Calligraphy and Living Pigment give Explosive Runes and standard action Summon Monster to your alchemists for just a discovery! Nine-Tailed Kineticist and Past Life Evoker make entirely new builds for the Kineticist both reliant and synergistically appropriate for the Kitsune and Samsaran races. Also, I think it breaks a record for “earliest entry into a nine-tailed fox”, but I prefer the author’s build. Kinetic Aweopens up even more builds, giving you “better than Dazzling Display” bypassing the annoying feat prerequisites of Dazzling Display (and counts as it for other feat prerequisites).

The Bad: The Beast Speaker Mastery feats should have been printed ages ago, and rebalanced a little. The Death Worm is absolutely brutal, and the Sun Falcon is just so mediocre. The Holy Beast continues the trend of underwhelming Shifter archetypes you are safe to ignore.

The Ugly: Overpowering Stare is pretty overpowered, letting you confuse a creature each time you use painful stare on it, in addition to all the other effects of the stare!
Piercing Chant is so overpowered and I’m so glad its banned.
Tengu Blade Lore makes an absolute mess out of the already rules confusing Kinetic Blade ability, adding Deadly and Distracting to an weapon that only exists during a specific attack action…and potentially creating an absolutely abusive combo with Blistering Feint.

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