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Don’t be Afraid of Paizo-Con!

Special Thanks toTonya Woldridge for the tour and Steven Coling for the amazing convention experience!

After dozens of conventions across the world I can’t help but admit Paizocon 2019 was easily my most successful. And now that I’m 100% recovered from my experience, I’d love to share what I learned.

1. Don’t be Afraid of Imposter Syndrome

If your looking to break into the industry, there is no better place than Paizocon. But it can feel overwhelming standing in the reach of so many giants. And while I was able to swallow my fear, even sitting in the lobby amidst titans like Owen K.C. Stephens, Mark Seifter & Alex Augunas, it wasn’t until days after the convention when an anonymous writer I’d played with managed to take a nagging feeling I had and sculpt it succinctly into a shiny nugget of truth.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Seven Trinkets

Have some extra gold in your purse? You’d be surprised how little can stand between you and that second Prestige Point. I’m blessed to come from a lodge where our Venture-Captain reguarly resolves entire encounters with a single offbeat item. And I’m going to try to share as many of them as I can, in conveniant clumps of ten! Some of these are rare gems. Others I’m using to showcase uses or builds. And some are items so near and dear to my heart that I just can’t resist giving a sales pitch.

Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer

For 600 GP you get to reroll a lethal save, or force an enemy to reroll a lethal attack. This does require a scenario with travel time, or some other way to deal with fatigue.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Convention Binders

I was prepping for Paizocon and realized how many people give me these shocked looks when I show them my plans. I’m not here to bore you with the same tired list of ten or twenty things you gotta remember to bring to a convention. On the contrary, this will be a rather short post because there’s one critical thing I don’t see enough people do when it comes to maximizing your time and enjoyment at a con.

The backside is usually a list of games I play, or my Many Terrasques of Drendell Dreng meme.

Oragnize. Plan. Write it out. Print it. Put it in the front of that year’s “Convention Binder”. Make sure you can see the plan without a battery.… Read the rest

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Optionsmas is Neigh: Chasing the Setting Sun Edition

We are approaching the end of 1e’s print-run, and I realize I’m going to miss chasing new Additional Resources updates for a while. Oh, I understand 2e will have them too! I just don’t expect much from July until at least December in terms of new content…of course, analyzing everything we have going for us in 2e is going to be its own brand of exciting! Talking about exciting, Heroes of Golarion is one of the best Player Companions ever published, and gives us lots of new exciting character options I can’t wait to explore!

Adventure Paths: Tyrant’s Grasp*

• Pathfinder Adventure Path #139: The Dead Roads: The character options in this book are legal for play except the blasphemous chalice.… Read the rest

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Build of the Week: Branch Pounce

You must begin Charging with Branch Pounce resting above your enemy. No Dragoons Allowed.

Hope I didn’t leave anyone hanging the last couple of weeks. Leaping from one coast to the next is no simple feat. And neither is Branch Pounce. Go ahead and pounce on that link now. I’ll hang out here. Don’t worry about me: I have a nice view and plenty of tea.

Ready? Let’s fly. 

I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into this feat for a while. I’ve been fortunate enough to play with it successfully up to mid-tier. And now that I find myself flying over Chicago without wifi, this feels like the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. And if you think my puns will get any better, I hate to say it’s all downhill from here

Analyzing the Feat

The feat can be something of a trap, so make sure you understand all the pitfalls.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Identifying Player Profiles

I love Gamer Lingo. Recently Ryan Costello wrote a fascinating article discussing the difference between the three primary psychographic profiles of Magic: The Gathering players, and how it applies to Pathfinder. His article is great, but it left me thinking about how we can use these profiles in our games. Specifically, how does one identify each type of player and use that profile to mitigate potential negative play experience.

First you have to remember these player profiles are research & development tools. In the real world, no player fits only one of these profiles. And yet, there are definitely game elements that are intended to appeal to one of these players. When a problem arises in one of your games, it’s important to know what player profile drew that player to that element.… Read the rest

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Optionsmas is Neigh: Seattle Edition!

I’m finally moved into my new condo with a wonderful view of the greater Seattle Metro area and wouldn’t you know it: we have ourselves an Additional Resources update! Thanks for the house warming gift, Paizo! I’m going to try a different format evaluating the two primary updates this time around, since we only have two (amazing) books this time around.

Martial Artist’s Handbook:

  • Archetypes: The archetypes in the book are legal for play. Equipment: The equipment and magic items in this book are legal for play except handwraps, infested bandages, and split-blade sword. Feats: The feats in this book are legal for play except Change of Heart, Octopus Focus, Octopus Style, and Octopus Thrash. Misc.: The advanced ninja tricks, ki powers, kineticist infusions, ninja tricks, slayer talents, style strikes, and weapon tricks in this book are legal for play except prognostication, throat crush, and true prognostication.
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PFS Multitable Prep Guide

Multitable scenarios are a unique and thrilling experience. But unless you’ve done then, it can be hard to even imagine what it’s like to play alongside dozens or even hundreds other players. Sometime last year I found people thanking me for their advice when it comes to approaching these, both as players and gamemasters. And after a dozen or so experiences on both sides of the table, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons that can help turn a grindy slog into the most memorable experience of any convention.

Like Multitables, Solstice Car s are designed for speed & drifting!

What Are Multitables?

A multi-table scenario is one in which every table is working cooperatively toward the same goal. You still play at a table of 4-7 players with 1 GM, but whenever you complete a goal your GM will report the results to the Overseer or Head GM, who is tracking everyone’s progress.… Read the rest

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