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Handy Haversack: Fighter Feat Cards for Everybody

I’m so excited to finally unveil my latest product! The Cards for Everybody line is near and dear to my heart, using cards to help sculpt the builds you might have read right here! There are so many fun uses for this product, and I’d love to add more to the list to make the most out of my cards.

You can read more about the product and even order your own deck on Drive Thru RPG. The cards themselves contain every fighter class feat, feature and multiclass feat, plus two bonus tracker cards. There will be new classes released soon, and the more we sell the more likely we are to continue the line through the Core Rulebook and beyond!… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Lost Omens World Guide Archetypes

The Lost Omens World Guide is here! The book is a must-buy for anyone campaigning in the core campaign setting, and the map that comes with it is a handsome addition to any gaming den or shop looking to help give players a frame of reference for their adventures. But the most exciting mechanical part of the book by far are the ten archetypes!

Each archetype in the book is viable for almost any class in core! One of the archetypes does require shield block, another expert training in unarmed attacks, and a third requires focus spells. But even if you’re playing a class that never gets focus spells, you can always find a second dedication that does to help qualify!… Read the rest

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Arcane Thesis Vol II: Acting on Both Sides of the Screen: How the Three Action Economy Reinforces a Positive Play Experience for Both Game Masters and Players

Arcane Thesis Vol II: Acting on Both Sides of the Screen: How the Three Action Economy Reinforces a Positive Play Experience for Both Game Masters and Players

When I set out to document my impressions of Pathfinder Second Edition, I thought I’d be able to skip praising the much lauded action economy we’ve heard so much about this past year. But after sitting down and playing the game for the first time, it became apparent just how satisfying and versatile a tool the system becomes for everyone at the table.

Characters are free to do what they want to do during their turns, which only further enhances the modular nature of archetypes. In First Edition Pathfinder multiclass characters frequently found themselves “swift action starved”, having to choose between one of a handful of buffs and being unable to spend their early combat rounds buffing themselves to their full potential.… Read the rest

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Arcane Thesis Vol I: Doing More With Less: The Benefits and Short-Comings of Using Modular Options with Class and Level Progressions

Arcane Thesis Vol I: Doing More With Less: The Benefits and Short-Comings of Using Modular Options with Class and Level Progressions

New Pathfinder is here! And while my love for Pathfinder Classic is still burning hot, my enthusiasm for Second Edition is approaching supernova. And after a week of scouring the 640-page trove of goodies, I found myself realizing that a complete analysis of the system, including an attempt to pinpoint why I’m so excited to sit down and roll some plastic, is going to require a more scholarly approach. And thus I humbly present the first of what I hope is an accurate and fruitful analysis of what makes this new edition so special.

In the past decade, Pathfinder has managed to hold firm to the precident set by Dungeons & Dragons and its level-based character progression. Many other Roleplaying Games have gone the route of Character Points, allowing players to pick and choose what abilities they know, at the risk of characters becoming hyper-specialized.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: The Importance of Loose Ends (For PCs & GMs)

Loose ends give agency to players and the GM, without sacrificing satisfaction!

The more I invest in Third Party Pathfinder, the most I’ve been itching to run a homebrew campaign. And yet after a few years of Society Play, I’m beginning to see how many of my GM skills have helped me play more fulfilling characters. And the more time I’m spending analyzing my past successes and failures, the more I’m learning to appreciate all the loose-ends I was so afraid of earlier in my career. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A loose end is defined as: “a story-element that hasn’t been fully explained”. Now for the sake of future article material I’m going to append this definition with: “…but could be“.… Read the rest

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Don’t be Afraid of Paizo-Con!

Special Thanks toTonya Woldridge for the tour and Steven Coling for the amazing convention experience!

After dozens of conventions across the world I can’t help but admit Paizocon 2019 was easily my most successful. And now that I’m 100% recovered from my experience, I’d love to share what I learned.

1. Don’t be Afraid of Imposter Syndrome

If your looking to break into the industry, there is no better place than Paizocon. But it can feel overwhelming standing in the reach of so many giants. And while I was able to swallow my fear, even sitting in the lobby amidst titans like Owen K.C. Stephens, Mark Seifter & Alex Augunas, it wasn’t until days after the convention when an anonymous writer I’d played with managed to take a nagging feeling I had and sculpt it succinctly into a shiny nugget of truth.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Seven Trinkets

Have some extra gold in your purse? You’d be surprised how little can stand between you and that second Prestige Point. I’m blessed to come from a lodge where our Venture-Captain reguarly resolves entire encounters with a single offbeat item. And I’m going to try to share as many of them as I can, in conveniant clumps of ten! Some of these are rare gems. Others I’m using to showcase uses or builds. And some are items so near and dear to my heart that I just can’t resist giving a sales pitch.

Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer

For 600 GP you get to reroll a lethal save, or force an enemy to reroll a lethal attack. This does require a scenario with travel time, or some other way to deal with fatigue.… Read the rest

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Handy Haversack: Convention Binders

I was prepping for Paizocon and realized how many people give me these shocked looks when I show them my plans. I’m not here to bore you with the same tired list of ten or twenty things you gotta remember to bring to a convention. On the contrary, this will be a rather short post because there’s one critical thing I don’t see enough people do when it comes to maximizing your time and enjoyment at a con.

The backside is usually a list of games I play, or my Many Terrasques of Drendell Dreng meme.

Oragnize. Plan. Write it out. Print it. Put it in the front of that year’s “Convention Binder”. Make sure you can see the plan without a battery.… Read the rest

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